Artist Model- Your Own Graphics




Put your graphics, logo, or favorite picture on this Artist Model Skateboard Guitar. Use our template to create your masterpiece, or work with one of our talented graphic and airbrush artists. Your design will be heat transferred to our sturdy deck to create the guitar of a lifetime.

Each guitar sturdy TSA approved case.

On stage, in the studio, or displayed on a wall, nothing is cooler. Download the GUITARS_TEMPLATE pdf.


Length 1.245 Meters  or     49 Inches

Width 0.203 Meters   or     8 Inches

Depth 0.0762 Meters   or     3 Inches

Weight 3.901 Kilograms    or    8.6 Pounds

Case 1.308×0.381×0.102 Meters – 4.99 Kilograms   or    51.5”x15”x4”  11lbs

Guitar in case and shipping box 8.891 Kilograms = 19.6 lbs.


For custom order requests, please use the contact form on the home page. You can download the GUITARS_TEMPLATE to align your graphics with the neck, pickup, bridge and knobs.

Quality Components

For over 100 years Grover has been considered the world’s finest machine Heads/Tuner company in the United States. The new 102C is self-locking and requires no winding. Deeply chromed with a super smooth 14:1 ratio means your instrument is easy to put into tune and once there it stays in tune.

Since 1976 Seymour Duncan has been the go-to pick-up for guitar masters and enthusiasts alike. Hand built in California. The Humbucker JB Model used by Skateboard Guitars® is the most popular pick-up in their arsenal. Known for it’s clean clear sound and its bright hot rod delivery. It is highlighted with a chrome pickup ring.

Since 1945 Schaller has been considered the most highly regarded supplier in the music industry. Skateboard Guitars® uses the new Schaller 3D Bridge which is crafted in Germany and is a marvel of technology. This highly chromed beautiful bridge allows you to not only control the up and down of your strings, but also the side-to-side placement of your strings giving you total control.

Made with Pride

Skateboard Guitars® is headquartered in Magnolia, TX. Manufactured in Québec, Canada by Control Skateboard Manufacturing. Since 1995 Control has provided high quality skateboards to the world, so they were the perfect choice to manufacture the coolest guitars on the planet. Control uses Canadian Maple to make our guitars as strong as possible. They use futuristic technology to guarantee that each guitar is as perfect as the last. Every component is chrome to accentuate the beauty of the graphics and wood.

Currently shipping to Unites States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. If you need shipping to a country that is not on this list, please contact us through the contact form on the home page.

Skateboard Guitars™ is not responsible for any customs or import fees you may incur during or after shipping (tariffs, taxes, VAT, etc.).

Additional information

Weight 18.8 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 16 × 5 in